Time Shooter 2

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Time Shooter 2 is a shooting battlefield that allows you to show abilities counted by each second. Use this ultimate power to conquer all challenging levels!

The special of this action game lies in the rules of the game about time. The game is not just an ordinary shooting game. Instead, you have the opportunity to experience the life of a time keeper. This is unique gameplay that other shooter genres do not have. In order to better understand this particular game, let's learn about its original version, time shooter, gameplay, and useful strategies. This information will greatly help your game and win process. Let's go!

Time Shooter

Time Shooter is known as the original version of the time shooter series with special gameplay as a time controller. This game series launched 4 distinct versions. All volumes not only give you the ideal environment to show off your shooting skills but also lets you use clever tactics to spend your time. The timing in this time shooter game is not normal. Have you ever experienced the feeling of slowing down time? With your stillness and movement, time will have to slow down or return to normal.

When coming to this first version, the first thing you see is red characters. They are your rivals. Although you will not face too many challenges like Time Shooter 2, it will be still challenging to beat them if you play this game for the first time. However, let's remember that focusing on shooting down your enemies while controlling time will be your key to winning. Other factors are unimportant. However, if you are interested in the game's weapons, you can unlock new weapons with greater power by watching ads.

These characteristics have formed the popularity of the Time Shooter game. Continuing this popularity, the developer GoGoMan released Time Shooter 2 in 2022 to meet the needs of the players. This second version is expected to bring many new and exciting elements for all players.

Time Shooter 2 Unblocked

Time Shooter 2 Unblocked gives players a new experience compared to the first version. It helps you to play anywhere you want. You will not encounter any barriers when you want to access this game. All you need to do is click on our website and experience this free game.

This shooting game attracts millions of players around the world. Why is this game popular? To explain this popularity, many opinions have been given. However, to summarize, there are 2 main reasons below. The success of the first version becomes a significant lever to help this second version quickly become famous. It attracts the original fan base of the shooter series and gains new fans. Besides, the game also has unique gameplay but with new improvements and graphics. Novelty and originality come together in one game. As a result, there's no reason why enthusiasts of online games shouldn't try this unblocked time shooter 2 game.

In particular, it's available for you to enjoy the full-screen mode. This convenient mode will create more favorable and ideal conditions for players to experience the game. You no longer see red characters. Instead, orange characters will appear to make the first innovation for the players.

In addition, you should pay attention to the level mode of the game. Time Shooter 2 is divided into many levels with different opponents, dangers, and challenges. There is no answer for how many levels are in this shooting game. However, the most talented player on our website can reach level 65. There are surely still levels to follow. Will you become the next record holder?


Gameplay has been mentioned in some of the content about Time Shooter 2 above. However, they are not specific. The following information will be the most complete and useful source of information about the rules of the game.

The Law Of Slowing Time

The law of slowing time is most evident through your movements. As you move, the in-game time goes as usual. Your fire rate and enemy fire rate are pretty fast under normal timing conditions. During this phase, the movement speed will also be nothing special.

However, when you stop moving, all things get out of the ordinary. Stop moving is the activate button to start the function of slowing down the time in Time Shooter 2. The bullets will slow down. Enemies can't keep running fast and even your bullet can't move at normal speed.

In conclusion, if you want time to slow down, just stand and don't move. Conversely, when you move, time and activities return to normal.

Take Weapons And Attack The Enemy

Take weapons and attack the enemy to eliminate all of your opponents! Unlike the previous version, you will not have weapons on hand at the beginning of the game. Instead, you will stand in front of a table full of weapons. Your task is to choose the right weapon and attack the enemy. Each weapon has a different attack way, so you should think carefully before choosing a weapon.

During gameplay, your weapon is no longer available to use. In these situations, you can throw weapons and pick up new weapons on the table or old enemy weapons to keep fighting. Note that throwing weapons is also an effective way to attack. This is really useful when your gun runs out of ammo or you just have round iron blocks to attack from a distance.

It's all details about methods to defend an offense in Time Shooter 2. However, in order to use them, you need to master how to control them.

  • WASD or Arrow keys = move
  • Use Left-click = shoot / pick up a weapon
  • Right-click or R = throw weapon

The Enemy's Way Of Attack

The enemy's way of attack is diverse. In Time Shooter 2, you have the ability to control time. This is a very useful ability. Therefore, in order to balance the power between the two sides, the game adds multiple enemies with different attack patterns. The number of enemies is a lot. In particular, they always move closer to you and attack.

Your opponents have 3 main attacks: slash, shoot, and throw. Slash and shoot attacks depend on the weapon the opponent has. If they use axes, they will cut you when you get close. If they use guns, the ability to attack will be shooting. The final attack is similar to your ability to throw weapons. Opponents will throw weapons at you when they die. This last throw is very special. Although they only throw after being shot down, the accuracy is very high. Thrown objects are always directed toward you.

When You Win Time Shooter 2

When you win Time Shooter 2 is when your last enemy is destroyed. As you can know, there are many levels in this action game. The number of enemies in each level is not the same. You need to destroy them all before you win. However, this goal will not be easy because of the challenges that the game gives you from enemies, maps, weapons, and obstacles. In particular, there are enemies hiding behind obstacles waiting to attack you. So, how to win more easily? There are some useful strategies for you below. They come from our experiences. Following or not following is up to your decision.

Useful Strategies

Useful strategies will support you to gain Time Shooter 2 victory. These strategies are simply learned through our combat as well as taking advantage of your character's abilities and enemy weaknesses.

Take Advantage Of The Ability To Slow Down Time

Take advantage of the ability to slow down time to get the most advantage in battles! The ability to slow down time is just for you. No one else on the map has this ability. Therefore, taking advantage of it will bring you many benefits.

First, you need to know the rule of shooting related to time. If you stand still, you cannot make two consecutive turns of shooting. It is only possible when you move. It means you can shoot twice at the same time while moving. If you fire the first shot while standing still, you need to move to make the second shot.

Second, before starting a level, you can obverse the front side of a map including weapons, opponents, and terrain. Take advantage of this time to get an overview of the game before it starts. It's also a good tip for you. In particular, at many levels, opponents can stand very close to you at the start. Knowing the opponent's position in advance will give you a good advantage to win.

Finally, the ability to control the time of Time Shooter 2 makes it easier to aim and avoid enemy attacks. For example, when the enemy shoots you, you can stand still to clearly see the direction of the bullet. Then, you can find a way to avoid the attack more easily. Besides, time slows down but you can use your hands normally. As long as you don't move your legs, it's fine. Therefore, you can aim normally even though the enemy cannot. This trigger is especially useful when you are fighting with axes. When an enemy comes close to you to slash, you can stop to dodge. Then, quickly use your ax to slash back at the enemy.

Use Weapons Flexibly In Time Shooter 2

Use weapons flexibly to attack the enemy appropriately. There are many types of weapons and you should know which weapon to use to suit the match. In order to do this, you need to know the characteristics of the weapons.

According to personal experience, the weapons in this shooting game can be divided into two types: ranged weapons and melee weapons.

Ranged weapons are weapons that can destroy enemies from a distance. A typical example of this type of weapon is a gun. This is also the weapon you should prioritize when playing this online game because attacking from a distance helps you to ensure better defense. You don't need to get close to the enemy to attack. Thus, it can reduce your character's vulnerability.

Note that you should pay attention to the number of bullets in each gun. Time Shooter 2 does not provide so much ammo for players. It ranges from 3 to 10 bullets.

Besides, the shooting method of each gun is not the same. Shotguns usually fire one bullet at a time while cannons can fire up to 5 bullets at a time. These bullets spread out in many directions. As a result, when the enemies are crowded around you, you can shoot them all down with one click. What's more magical to use a gun is to use a single bullet to kill multiple enemies at once. There are cases where the bullet goes through the first enemy and kills the second. It is a very successful shot. It will be great if you could use this ultimate shooting ability.

Melee weapons include axes, iron blocks, or knives. These weapons require you to get close to your opponent to attack. It allows the opponent to approach you. Therefore, you should only use this weapon when you run out of guns. However, this type of weapon is very much. You can easily pick them up all over the map. Your enemies also often leave this weapon behind after death.

Other Elements

In addition to these two weapons, Time Shooter 2 also offers all players a number of other advantages. Let's talk about the red dynamite first. These explosives will explode if you shoot at them. The damage from explosives is also very large. Enemies within a nearby radius will all be destroyed by this explosion. The special thing is that no player has been destroyed when standing near the explosion. In addition, taking advantage of the map's terrain will also bring you many benefits. You can move and attack at the same time. You can also avoid attacks by standing behind walls.