Pizza Tower

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Pizza Tower is considered Peppino's challenging race to overcome all dangers and bosses. Take control and help your character to conquer this online game.

Peppino And Bosses

In this adventure game, your main character is Peppino while your opponents are several bosses in each level. Each level will have a unique boss like Pepperman, Pizzaface, and Pizzahead. Each boss possesses a unique fighting ability. To progress to the battle with the bosses, you will have to overcome a series of challenges. These challenges can be compared to the difficulty of Time Shooter 2. If you have played this shooting game, you will know.

Pizza Tower Challenges

First, learn to move forward with challenges. In the first interface, press the Z key to go to the main screen where you can choose clothes for Peppino in the wardrobe and choose the level. There are 4 levels and you can choose any level you want. However, be aware that high levels have high difficulty. Therefore, starting with level 1 is a reasonable choice.

After entering a level, you will officially face challenges. Your challenges can be zigzag caves, random traps, or terrifying monsters. To overcome these difficulties, you need to use the arrow keys to move and the Z key to jump over them. Good luck!