Funny Shooter

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Funny Shooter takes place a fierce battle between you and a series of opponents. The force is not equal but let's use your peak fighting ability to win. This online game is the first version of the Funny Shooter series. It's known as Funny Shooter - Destroy All.

Funny Shooter Destroy All

The wars of this shooting game take place in an underground enemy military base. It is similar to Time Shooter 2. However, Time Shooter 2's base seems more complicated with many narrow alleys while Funny Shooter provides a map with tall castles where enemies stand to attack you. This significant difference offers a variety of experiences for shooter enthusiasts.

It's called with the name Destroy All because you have to eliminate all opponents before gaining victory. However, before gaining this goal, you need to master the rules of the game.

Requirements When Fighting

In Funny Shooter, your enemies will come close to you and attack you non-stop. Your mission is to avoid these attacks and shoot down them before they can hurt you. It can be simple, but challenging when you start official battles because there are many rivals. They will cover you. Even, they can throw weapons from castles to kill you.

Weapons Of Funny Shooter

You can buy guns for only one level. When you come to new levels, this weapon is unavailable. There are two main pieces of equipment for you including Automatic and Pistols. These two types have significant weapons that you can see on the main screen.

All Games Of This Series

As you can know, this version is the first volume of this series. The next one is Funny Shooter 2. All games of this series require you the same mission, but there are new maps, enemies, and weapons. Therefore, control ways also are different. In the Funny Shooter game, you can follow some buttons below.

Mouse - Look Around

WASD - Movement

W + Shift - Run

Spacebar - Jump

Left-click - Shoot

Right-click - Aim

F - Knife Attack 1

Q - Knife Attack 2

G - Throw A Grenade

E - Remove/ Remove Weapon