Flappy Bird

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Flappy Bird is angry with this world full of piles, so it is looking to escape through the holes in the middle of the piles. Please help your bird to accomplish this goal.

Flappy Bird's Glorious Past

This online game is a classic game loved by many people around the world. Do you know Dong Nguyen? He is the publisher of this game. However, the rapid popularity of the game quickly caused him to fall and delete the game. A sad ending to a fascinating game.

This makes many players as well as developers regret this addictive game. As a result, a new version of Flappy Bird is born and released on all platforms to celebrate its previous admirable achievement.

How to Play Flappy Bird Game

The following instructions will help you understand the moves and principles to get a high score in Flappy Bird.

Controlling Way

It is simple to play Flappy Bird. You just need to click to make your character fly and release to make it fly down. These are the only two moves that Flappy Bird can make

How To Get a High Score

Flappy Bird only awards you points when you successfully move through a pile. With any collision, the game will be over whether it is a strong or light collision. Knowing this principle, the only way to get the highest score is to move as far as possible.

However, it is not easy because the position of the piles and holes is irregular. To move through the piles, you need to move in different ways. This is the time for you to show your ability to react quickly and solve situations. In particular, you need to calm down and balance your Flappy Bird to be able to move safely.