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SUPERHOT only takes you 5 seconds to wait and advance to a fierce battle of time. You will always be in the red zone where there are many dangers. Can you overcome it to survive in this online game?

SUPERHOT Battlefield of Time

Let's go on to another time control game on our website! Coming to this game, you not only shoot guns but also control time. All principles of time are similar to Time Shooter 2 where time will slow down when you are stationary and time will return to normal when you move.

However, in SUPERHOT, time stops when you're not moving. It only resumes when you keep active. This makes it difficult for you to attack while standing still. The biggest advantage of this ability is having time to react to different situations in the game.

Guide To Winning

SUPERHOT does not have too many conditions to win at a level. You only need to master the following two pieces of information to conquer this shooting game.

Shooting In SUPERHOT Arena

At the start of the game, you don't own any weapons. Move and get the weapon as soon as possible. In particular, this process needs to be completed before the opponent sees you because it is dangerous if the opponent sees and attacks you first.

After having the weapon, do not hesitate to raise the weapon and destroy the enemy. Usually, your weapons are guns that allow you to kill opponents from a distance. Aim accurately and get the best results.

In order to shoot, you just need to use LEFT-CLICK. WASD will be used for migration.

Who Can Gain Victory

The winners of this game are the ones who destroy the required number of enemies and protect themselves.

This SUPERHOT game has always left an impression on me thanks to its amazing effects. Besides, the game also offers specific instructions for new players. Impressive!