Fish Eat Fish

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Fish Eat Fish prepares you for underwater battles with diverse sea creatures. Transform into the sea character you want and eat all the smaller creatures.

This online game is dubbed as one of the most exciting action games. Let's learn about its features!

Salient Features of Fish Eat Fish

The first impression of this game is probably the eye-catching graphics. When playing this entertaining game, you can immerse yourself in the vast ocean world with many different types of creatures. In particular, their colors create a vivid picture of the seabed. Don't forget to choose your favorite character and color before entering the official battles.

Besides, the gameplay with friends will delight you as it is possible to play 3 players at the same time on the same device.

  • Player 1: ARROW KEYS
  • Player 2: WASD
  • Player 3: MOUSE

Basic Gameplay

The basic rule is that big fish eat small fish. Larger creatures can destroy smaller creatures, so you need to try to be as big as possible. Only then, you can dominate the map and vast seas in this Fish Eat Fish game. However, you can face many challenges because there are many large fishes in the ocean. Let's avoid them and only fight when you have enough power.