Defend the Tower

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Defend the Tower happens the intense battles between you and the evil creatures to protect the castle. Build suitable towers to achieve this goal.

The uncompromising battle between you and the monsters will never stop. It only has two results for you: kill all the monsters or lose your castle. What will you choose? Fight or surrender? If you are a brave warrior, surrender is impossible. Therefore, try to protect the castle as safely as possible.

Defend the Tower Factors

First, don't forget to collect free coins from Daily Section. You can get up to 4000 coins by participating in this online game every day. Besides, you can improve your fighting ability by buying and upgrading the items and skills of the towers.

Game Instructions

There are two important elements in Defend the Tower: towers and enemies. You need towers to protect your castle. There are 20 different towers. Each type will have its own protection function. For example, Archer Tower has the ability to shoot enemies at a fast speed while Cannon Tower allows you to attack with great damage. Similarly, enemies also have many types. They will have different movement speeds and defenses.

To destroy dangerous enemies, you need to use the towers reasonably. When you kill all the enemies, you can go to the next level.