Time Shooter 3

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Time Shooter 3 continues the series with the Swat and Shield features. It still maintains the time-controlling gameplay, but there are many added factors. It's the third version. In order to release this volume, the Gogoman developer has more experience to give players more interesting features besides the traditional gameplay. It is suitable for players who are looking for something new but still want to ensure the outstanding features of a game series.

Familiar Features Of the Time Shooter Series

Time Shooter 3 still remains a battle between you and other opponents at each level. Although you are only alone, you have to combat many rivals. It's a reason why this online game brings you an advantage over time.

Mentioning Time Shooter will make you remember the ability to control time. In the movement process, everything will happen in a normal way. However, it's impossible when you stand. All enemies and bullets will speed down and you can see clearly their movement. If you can apply this principle in battles, the victory is in your hand.

The Different Compared To Other Versions

Compared to the second version, Time Shooter 2, you can see that there are differences in missions, items, and controls. In order to help you understand more the differences between volumes, there are some details.

Missions And Items

In the third edition, you not only eliminate all enemies but also rescue kidnapping victims. One more task comes to you. It means that the game will become more complex and challenging to play. However, it's also thrilling to challenge your abilities to complete missions of Time Shooter 3.

In addition, the game also provides a new item, a shield. However, both you and your rivals can use shields. Note that your opponents become more strong with armor and helmets.

Controls Of Time Shooter 3

Because of adding a shield item, this shooting game allows you to pick or throw this item. Other buttons are similar to previous games.

How to control

  • Left-click = Pick up/ Shoot
  • Right-Click = Throw
  • WASD = Movement
  • F = Pick up/ Throw shield