Water Pipe

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Water Pipe gives you intellectual puzzles. The special thing is that you only have 10 seconds to think and act before the water begins to appear. 10-second time is not long for you to perform the action. However, it helps you improve your reflexes and solve situations in a short time. Besides, this puzzle game will make sure to increase the difficulty of the levels gradually so that the players can adapt to the change.

How To Move Water Pipes

The way to move is extremely simple with your mouse.

The water pipes in the Water Pipe are divided into many different squares. There are some squares that have been shuffled or rotated in the wrong direction. You need to adjust it to the original direction to make sure the water can move through easily. To do this, simply click on the square you want. It will automatically move.

Water Pipe Ends

Water Pipe has two endings: success or failure.

When The End Appears

You will fail when the water is spilled out of the water pipes. This usually happens when you can't connect the water pipes in time before the water starts flowing.

On the contrary, victory comes to you when the water can flow to the destination without any holes. These two finishes are based on your pipe alignment.

Tips For A Successful Ending

You should start with the pipes closest to the water source. The pipe of the water source is fixed, so you just need to try to connect the next pipes to match the original pipe. Besides, after 10 seconds, water will gradually flow from the source water pipe to the pipes below. Therefore, when the water is flowing, you still have some time to arrange the bottom pipes.