Pixel Brick Breaker

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Pixel Brick Breaker is inspired by pixel graphics with ball-picking gameplay. You need to catch the balls so that they continue to bounce and destroy blocks.

This online game will leave a first impression on you through its graphics and gameplay.

Graphics And Gameplay

These two factors are the attraction as well as the highlight of this online game.

Pixel Brick Breaker Graphics

When entering the main screen, 18 different levels will appear. Each level is represented by a pixel image. They are not random. When you enter any level, that image will appear. It is made up of many different blocks. Therefore, it looks like it's made of pixel graphics.

The images through each level are also very diverse when you can experience the levels of cats, frogs, dolphins, vampires, cameras, and gift boxes. Pictures are very diverse. Note that you can only advance to the new image once you have completed the previous level.

Advances To New Levels

Each level will require you to destroy all the blocks on the screen in a limited time. Besides, you also have a limited number of respawns. Each time you drop the ball, you will lose a life.

Therefore, to be successful, you need to adhere to the following principles. First, use the platform to catch the ball at any cost. Always observe and predict the direction of the ball's movement. Second, let the ball jump and break blocks by different numbers. Each block has a number. The ball needs to collide enough times to destroy that block.

Collect Boosters In Pixel Brick Breaker

After successfully destroying blocks, they can leave you with boosters. Collect them with your platform. There are many types of boosters. Two of the most impressive boosters are the fireball and the ball gun. The fireballs move faster and deal more damage while the ball gun can continuously fire bullets that have the same effect as the balls. In particular, these bullets have a very wide range of action.