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Blockpost takes you to the ultimate gunfight arena where marksmen can join one of 4+ battlegrounds to fight with other players and try to gain victory.

Blockpost Arena

This shooting game includes many arenas that give you a unique mode before joining the fight. These modes often give you different playstyles. However, what never changes is the method of attack. You will always be a gunner and hold weapons in your hand to destroy your enemies and protect yourself.

One of the standout arenas is Team Deathmatch where you will team up with other players and battle an opposing team. Red and blue teams will fight each other until they get more points within the time limit to win. Besides, arenas like Gungame, Sniper Arena, or Bomb Mode will also give players great experiences to show off their shooting skills.

Other Game Elements

When participating in this Blockpost game, you should pay attention to the Inventory where you can buy a lot of useful items, and the Shop where you can unlock skins and secret boxes. Besides, the information about the player will always be displayed on the main screen. Parameters like name, level, and rating will help you better understand your character.