Bomb It 2

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Bomb It 2 challenges you to battles in an intricate maze to smash and collect items while avoiding moving into the bomb's area of influence.

Controls and Power-ups

With this upgraded second version, you can play alone or with a friend to fight together on these unique battlefields. To control your character, you can follow the How to Play section or read our guide here. If you play alone, you just need to use the arrow keys to move and the spacebar to smash. If you're playing two players, player 1 will be controlled by the WASD keys and spacebar while the arrow keys and Enter key are for the 2nd player.

Once you've mastered the controls, don't forget to equip your character with power-ups and weapons like bombs, power blasts, double shotguns, or rocket launchers.

Set Bomb It 2 Before Fighting

Before entering the official matches, you can install one of your favorite modes like Arcade, Weapon Only, Collect The Coins, and Color The Tiles. Each mode will have its own tasks but there are a few rules you can apply to all the modes mentioned above.

You can move your character around the maze and use your weapons to break and collect items as well as hit your opponents. During the battle, there will be unexpected bombs appearing. Quickly move out of the bomb's range to avoid being destroyed.