Brutal Battle Royale

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Brutal Battle Royale is taking place brutal wars between you and the terrorists to rescue victims. Your mission is to find weapons and destroy all enemies. Don't forget to protect your life!

The Beginning of Brutal Battle Royale

The criminals have teamed up to form a terrorist gang, called Brutal Squad. In the name of regaining freedom for the residents, they act in contrast. They arrest citizens. As a brave soldier, you will be the first to become a hero and rescue all the victims.

The base of these criminals is located in a remote suburb. Therefore, you do not have much information about the location and topography here. The only way for you is to move step by step to explore this crime land. After entering behind the wooden fence, the battle with Brutal Squad will officially begin.

How To Fight

Brutal Battle Royale is considered a battlefield where you fight independently. Enemies have many members, but you only have one. Therefore, grasping how to fight is extremely important.

Weapon Search In Brutal Battle Royale

You go into battle with a shotgun in hand. However, it will quickly run out of ammo, so you must look for other weapons. You can use knives, shotguns, or sniper rifles to fight. When using these weapons, you should pay attention to the number of bullets in the gun. The number of bullets will be shown in the lower right corner of the screen.

Destroy Your Enemy And Protect Yourself

Your enemies will stand in many different positions. They can stay in houses or patrol around the base. Your mission is to find and destroy them all. It is possible for you to keep track of the number of enemies alive in the upper right.

Control Buttons To Fight

  • WASD - Move
  • Spacebar - Jump
  • E - Take the Weapon
  • Mouse Wheel - Change Weapon
  • Left-click - Shoot

While attacking enemies, don't forget to avoid enemy attacks to protect your health bar in Brutal Battle Royale.