Bubble Shooter 2

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Bubble Shooter 2 is a familiar ball shooting game that has been upgraded to the second version. However, the game has added a new mode for you to experience.

The original version of this game was a huge success in the gaming world. Although this game genre is not as intense as Time Shooter 2, it has its own appeal. Shooting balls and seeing the colorful balls being discarded makes you feel amused. The feeling of winning achievements keeps popping up and makes you can't stop playing.

New Mode In Bubble Shooter 2

Usually, you will shoot balls until the balls reach the finish line. The game will end at that time. However, in Bubble Shooter 2, it's just Classic mode with endless gameplay. Besides this familiar mode, you can experience Time mode for a limited time. The time bar will decrease continuously. Try to get as many points as you can in that time.

Ball Shooting Principles

If you're a fan of the Bubble Shooter series, it might be familiar to you. Here, there are 2 main rules when playing this shooting game. You must definitely pay attention to these two factors if you want to win many admirable achievements.

How to Clear Balls In Bubble Shooter 2

There are many types of balls with different colors such as red, purple, yellow, blue, and green. Balls with these colors are placed alternately on the screen. To be able to remove them, you must use the cannon to shoot the required ball at the appropriate location. The requirement is to form a set of 3 or more balls of the same color to remove.

How to Keep the Game Long

Regardless of the time factor in the Time mode, you need to avoid the finish line in order to play as long as possible. Just a light touch of the ball and the finish line will make the game over.

How to control: Use your mouse to aim and shoot.