Chicken Merge

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Chicken Merge allows you to build your chicken army to fight enemies. In particular, you can merge the same chickens to create stronger chicken combatants.

How to Fight in Chicken Merge

Starting this action and entertaining game, you will have 700 coins to buy the first chicken. This level-1 chicken will help you generate 1 coin every second. Use this profit to buy more chickens. Don't forget to merge chickens of the same level to create higher-level chickens. This will help you speed up money generation.

After you have your chicken army, start missions by clicking the Mission button on the bottom right. Your mission is to protect the flock from the evil wolves with the chicken's shooting ability.

Featured Features

The most important feature is the level of the chickens. High-level chickens will generate coins faster and have stronger fighting power. Second, you can level up your fence for better defense. Finally, don't forget to visit the Shopping section to purchase many valuable items.

You can buy Damage, Eggs, Coins, Cost, and Gems. Damage helps you increase the chicken's damage while Egg helps you speed up egg loading. Besides, Coins will increase the productivity of creating coins and Cost helps you lower the price of chickens.