Cookie Clicker City

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Cookie Clicker City gives you the experience of a founder building the cookie city of your dreams. Especially, it will be simple when you just need to click.

Cookie Clicker City Principles

This entertaining game does not require your skills to play. You just need to click to perform all operations. There are two basic operations: Create cookies and Upgrade items. Learn more about these two operations in the next section.

The Creation of Cookies

Your goal is to create as many cookies as possible. Realizing this goal is very simple. With each click of the giant cookie, you can create tiny cookies. It's like the baking process, but Cookie Clicker City does not have many processes. The faster you click, the more cookies are produced.

No one can sit and click for hours to create thousands of cookies. Therefore, this game will provide you with items to automate the production process.

Cookie Clicker City Automation

When you want to activate the automation mode, you need to buy additional items. These items include many different types. Each type will have different selling prices and productivity. Besides, the number of items is unlimited. What is limited is only the number of your cookies.

Other Factors

Besides creating cookies and buying items, you can also build your city by clicking on the building's icon. Besides, there are achievements for you to conquer. With your ability, how much success can you conquer?