Stack Builder Skyscraper

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Stack Builder Skyscraper simulates the process of building in a special way. Let's put the parts of the building that are hanging in the air together.

Stack Builder Skyscraper Gameplay

There is a crane that is hanging part of the building in the air. This crane will not stop moving left and right to get you in trouble. Your task is to click to make the part of that building fall. However, you need to make sure that it will fall to the base of the building. Besides, it is not allowed to let the building fall.

Parts of the building will be continuously constructed as such. Try your best to build a skyscraper and get the highest score. For each successful build, you will get points.

Construction Support Items

With this particular gameplay, this Stack Builder Skyscraper game will give you two support items: Aiming line and Slowing down. Aiming lines are lines that appear on the playing screen to help you position the building. Slowing down allows you to slow down the movement of the crane. Both of these items are very valuable and make it easier for you to get high scores.