Diamond Rush

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Diamond Rush waits for you to create the highest achievements by connecting the same gems and diamonds to remove them and get high scores at each level.

Diamond Rush Gameplay

The rules of this online game are simple with 3 main elements including, rules, time, and score. You need to pay attention to these 3 factors to successfully complete a level.

At each level, the game will give you a board that includes a lot of different gems and diamonds. They can come in many shapes and colors. Your task is to find the same gems and arrange them so that at least 3 are aligned. You can create it vertically or horizontally. Note that only if the gems form a standard line, you can move them. Besides, you can only move two gems side by side.

In addition to the rule of movement, you also need to pay attention to the time and the number of points you win. The time for each level is limited so the number of collected points is affected by this factor. You need to think and move quickly to win a high score.

Combos And Hints

When you combine more than 3 gems, power-ups will be created and form a combo. These power-ups have a huge amount of energy and they have the ability to remove many gems once activated. Take advantage of the ability to help you collect more points. Besides, if you can't find any moves, use the hints of this Diamond Rush game to save time.