Doodle Jump

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Doodle Jump creates a checkered world full of platforms and challenges. Let's control your character and jump on the platforms to advance to a higher position.

To aid your journey, this online game will give you several options and record your high scores.

Options And Scores In Doodle Jump

Coming to the Options section, you can choose to enable or disable the following criteria: directional shooting, sounds, and calibrate. These factors seem insignificant, but they directly affect your playing experience. To return to the main screen from the Options section, simply click the Menu button at the bottom.

Next, after going to the Score section, you can track your scores, stats, and achievements. In particular, these indexes will be stored in local and global areas. You can compare your performance with other players through this scores table.

How To Play Simply

To play Doodle Jump, you just need to use the left and right arrow keys to move while your character will automatically jump from platform to platform. However, you need to make sure your character always lands on a safe platform. If the character falls, the game is over. Besides, you can also use the up arrow key to shoot.