Driver Mad 2

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Driver Mad 2 challenges your truck control to complete roads and reach the destination. A difficult truck to balance and challenging tracks are waiting for you.

Introduction About This Game Series

Are you ready to experience exciting racing with your truck in this second version? As you can know, the first version of this game was Drive Mad. With the huge success of the first version, the next version is quickly released to bring you new experiences.

These two versions have the same gameplay and transportation. However, the challenges and difficulties on each road have changed. To feel this change, the only way is to play each version.

Details About Driver Mad 2

This game is still in the online driving genre with a single goal: to move to a safe destination to complete a level. Each level will bring you different topics and difficulties. For example, you can experience the Wall theme at level 1. You will move along a wall. This road will be narrow and there are broken parts. It is normal when you come across deep water holes that randomly lie on your way. Falling into this hole means the game will end and it will ask you to restart the level.

To overcome this challenge, you need to gain momentum from afar and jump to the other side of the hole. However, the balance of the vehicle can prevent you from performing because your truck is difficult to balance. Keeping the car from tipping over is also a test of your driving in this online game.

How to control your truck in version 2 is similar to the first volume. You just need to use the arrow keys or the control buttons on the screen. These two controls are both playable.