Escaping the Prison

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Escaping the Prison challenges your jailbreaking talents with available items to escape the prison that holds the adventures of the henry stickmin character.

Boredom Leading To Escaping the Prison

The character Henry has always been full of his passion for exciting adventures, but the prison has imprisoned him because of misunderstandings. After days of getting used to adventure, Henry could not stand this restraint. Therefore, he intends to escape from prison and ask his friends for help. Just like he wished, his friends sent a special birthday with 6 items. These items will become your effective tools to help Henry escape from prison.

Get the Information On the Items

6 items including File, NrG Drink, Teleporter, Rocket Launcher, Cellphone, and Drill will have different uses for you to exploit. For example, the File item allows you to saw the iron rods in a cell door or window to make a hole out of the prison. Or you can also use Drill to drill a hole in other rooms. However, escaping from your current prison is not necessarily the right choice because you could be put in a more dangerous situation like falling out of a building or being shot down by guards.