Fish Eat Fish 2

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Fish Eat Fish 2 continues the underwater survival series with new features where 3 players can play together on one device to eat smaller fish.

How To Control 3 Fishes At The Same Time

After starting this second version, you will not see your character anywhere on the screen. Instead, you only see the vast ocean view with lots of marine life. To activate your character, you need to use the joystick to make your fish appear.

With 3-player gameplay, this game will provide 3 sets of hotkeys for you including WASD, arrow keys, and your mouse. To distinguish players from each other, you can look at the color and shape of the character at the top of the screen.

Fish Eat Fish 2 Survival Principles

The principle of survival in this second version is not far from the first version, Fish Eat Fish. Worms will be continuously released into the water to provide food for your fish at the initial stage. At this stage, your character is very small and cannot eat other fish. After growing up, you can target fish smaller than you to increase in size faster. While swimming, remember to pay attention to large sea creatures or obstacles that can destroy you in an instant.