FNAF Shooter

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FNAF Shooter places you in battles with dangerous animatronics. The only way to survive for you is to destroy them all before they attack you.

The Origin Of The Animatronics

FNAF Shooter is inspired by the popular series Five Nights At Freddy's. This inspiration is expressed through your opponents, the animatronics. These characters are derived from the FNAF. You can catch the appearance of Freddy, Bonnie, Chica, and Foxy.

In this online game, the animatronics are games left behind at the supermarket. They can move and attack every time they see you. Are you ready to face them?

Note that the game will be somewhat horror because of the appearance of scary characters in the FNAF and the dark background of the game.

How to Survive in FNAF Shooter

Live or die in this game depends on your fighting and defense ability. Both of these factors are important to your victory. So how important are they? Head to the following sections for more details and helpful instructions for playing this action game!

Shoot And Move To Win

In FNAF Shooter, animatronics appear in different locations throughout the map. You can track their location through the mini-map. The red circles represent the range of your opponents. The number of enemies will depend on each level you join.

Besides, when you move into the red circle, the animatronic in that circle will detect your presence and it will attack you immediately. It is time for you to show your fighting ability. Move while shooting them to avoid them reaching you while killing them as fast as you can.

Note that your ammo is limited. You need to reload ammo after you run out of ammo.

How To Control FNAF Shooter

  • WASD = Movement
  • Left-Click = Shoot