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Gobble uses puzzle gameplay to give you challenging levels where you control a hole to eat all objects of different sizes and shapes except humans.

Gobble Hole Character

The hole is the main character in this new game. Coming to the game, you will transform into a hole immediately that has a wide mouth to eat everything and a pair of eyes that are always clever to see everything around. It's not sightseeing. Instead, the hole is looking for objects to eat.

Principles Of Eating

The hole has the ability to eat everything from cactus, stones, or blocks. As long as it can put these objects in its mouth, it can devour them instantly. However, at some levels, there are objects larger than the hole. You need to find a way to fit these objects into your character's mouth.

In addition, there will be the appearance of humans on the Gobble map. The hole is completely edible to humans, but it cannot be digested. Therefore, the game will end if the human falls into the pit. Some levels are very challenging when placing humans above other objects. You have to eat those objects while avoiding humans. This will create great challenges for all players like the way Flappy Bird tests their flying skills.