Gold Miner

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Gold Miner comes back with a new online version where you will use a crane to mine precious metals underground and earn huge amounts of income.

Tap To Play Gold Miner

After accessing this online game, with just one tap, you can progress to the official levels. These levels will give you different challenges when participating in mining gold and other precious metals. Although the gameplay of this series is familiar to many players, it will still provide moments of great entertainment.

In particular, the game brings a new feature. Instead of being an old man, you will use a modern crane to mine metal. This change gives players new fun.

The Rules And The Value Of Metals

Similar to previous versions, you will use your tool and tap to start mining. During the mining process, you need to pay attention to the time limit and the specified amount at each level. You need to earn this amount before time runs out. Support items such as explosives are also available for you to use.

The value of these metals is different, so it will affect your mining efficiency. For example, the stones are only worth $5 but the small gold ones are worth up to $50. This difference in value always encourages players to collect precious metals. However, the location of these precious metals is always challenging to mine.