Handless Millionaire

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Handless Millionaire challenges your ability to seize the opportunity to avoid a dangerous guillotine and quickly win valuable bonuses from this survival game.

Handless Millionaire Bonuses

The prize of this game is extremely generous and it is decided by level. There are 15 different reward levels from $1 to $1million. The amount is considered to increase exponentially, so a high level always gives you attractive rewards.

This reward is the goal of many players who want to become a billionaire after 1 night. It's like the survival challenges of the legendary movie Squid Game. However, what you trade in here is your hands instead of your life.

Exchange of Hands

This online game is extremely simple as it offers a guillotine and a bonus amount. The guillotine will continuously drop while the bounty is hanging on the other side of the guillotine. You need to take advantage of the time to move through the guillotine safely and successfully collect the bonus. After each success, the game will give a new bonus and you need to decide whether to continue or stop. If you continue, be sure to win because you will lose all your previous rewards if you lose the next level.

Besides, you should be aware of your chances when you have 2 times to challenge with both your hands.