Helicopter Escape

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Helicopter Escape gives hope to victims as you transform into a hero in helicopters and rescue them from the pursuit of monsters. Let's rescue and gain rewards!

Helicopter Escape Missions

Have you seen the movie Mission: Impossible? In this game, you have the opportunity to experience the same challenges. However, the tasks in this online game will be completely possible to accomplish if you focus on the game and show your shooting talent.

In this shooting game, green monsters are taking over the cities. Today, you have a mission to rescue a female doctor from the roof of a building by helicopter. She will run up to the spear field and a lot of monsters are chasing after her. Stand on the helicopter and shoot down these monsters! You need to make sure that the female doctor can safely hop on the helicopter. After completing each task, you can receive a bonus and proceed to the next level. Besides, you will receive pieces to unlock valuable rewards.

Unlock Items For Combat Support

Because you will be in the helicopter, long-range weapons such as guns and rockets are always a priority for you to fight. In the inventory of this game, there are many different weapons. Weapons will be increasingly upgraded to increase damage. For example, your starting weapon is a shotgun. The range of this gun is short and the reload time is long. After upgrading, you can equip your character with a sniper rifle that has a much longer range.

Besides, you can also change items such as helicopters, armor, and costumes for your character. These items are to be shown in separate sections on the main screen.