Hopping Heads

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Hopping Heads run across platforms with a definite purpose: to bring your character to the finish line with his hopping ability to overcome obstacles.

Hopping Heads Ability

The main character in the game is a head with the ability to hop. What is hopping ability? This hopping ability allows you to open your mouth wide according to your control. Opening your mouth will help you create a source of energy to move. However, to control direction and altitude, it all depends on when and how much force you use this ability.

First, you should pay attention to when you use this character's ability. Your character will continuously spin. Wait for your character to rotate in the direction you want to move and open your mouth to move in the desired direction. Besides, the larger you open your mouth, the stronger the force to move will be. Therefore, controlling the force is also very important to win in this online game.

Levels Overview

The levels all have one thing in common: build platforms and obstacles and require the character to move through them. These platforms often have many different floors to make the player know how to move up and down. Obstacles often stand in your way. Faced with this challenge, you'll need to open your mouth appropriately to jump over them.