House Of Hazards

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House Of Hazards earns an incredible place on the list of must-tried games on our website as you'll be a character against all unexpected dangers in the house.

Maximum Number of Players

This online game allows playing with 4 different players on the same device. It will be an ideal entertainment environment for you to enjoy your free time with your friends.

To add players, simply press the Add Player button or click Remove Player to remove players. Note that you will need gamepad support if you want to play with 3 or 4 players. If you only play with 1 or 2 players, the keyboard will satisfy your needs.

What To Do In The House Of Hazards

Of course, your main task is to control your character with the control buttons according to the instructions of the game. You will find that all characters will have 3 main abilities: move, fire/crouch, and jump. Apply these abilities after entering the house to keep yourself safe.

The house you are coming to is full of dangers and pitfalls. You can be destroyed by a lamp that suddenly falls down. Or you can also imagine a situation when the door suddenly falls on you. These situations will bring you interesting and endless laughter.