Hungry Shark

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Hungry Shark represents a diverse underwater world where all creatures will follow one rule: big eat small. It's the reason why you have to fight to survive.

Hungry Shark Conditions

Conditions in this online game are not many because the main principle is one: bigger animals have the power to conquer the ocean and can eat other creatures. When you join this action game, you are only a small shark with the size S. You can become the food for other players who are stronger. Let's try to eat tiny fish to increase your size from S to M and L.

In addition to the primary rule above, you should be careful with rocks and bombs. Your shark will stop in a short time if it crashes into these items. However, it's quite difficult to do this goal because they are placed randomly on the whole map. The best way for this situation is to obverse carefully and look at the signs of rock. If this rock is small and it's impossible for you to move, a red X mark will appear. Don't go to this rock if you don't want to collide or waste time to turn back.

Other Notes When Becoming A Shark

When you take part in this Hungry Shark game, you need to pay attention to other players the most because they are talented enemies and compete directly with you to gain victory. All players want to become the last survivor on the map to gain achievements, so underwater battles will be intense. Other sharks will no-stop attacking you until you are eliminated. It's more challenging when you have to compete with 15 or 20 other players.

In addition, don't forget to access functioned sections on the main screen to enjoy all the exciting features of the game such as unlocking skins or the leaderboard.