Idle Ants

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Idle Ants bring entertainment from the work of the ants: search and collect food to the nest to make money. Live like an ant and run your ant colony.

This online game is so simple when you only need to manage your colony to earn as much money as possible. How to get this goal? Let's start 2 parts below to learn!

Playing Principle of Idle Ants

Ants will crawl out of the burrow and move to the food to bring them back to the nest. For each piece of food that is successfully moved, you will receive the corresponding amount. After a type of food is taken, new foods will appear.

Additional Modes For You

This entertaining game starts with an ant with a slow-moving speed. To increase productivity, you can increase movement speed, increase the number of ants, and increase the value of food through the game's 3 upgrades. You just need to click on the upgrade you want at the bottom of the play screen after you have enough money.

Besides, you can also call the big ant and double money by watching ads. All this information is clearly displayed on the main screen. You can follow them easily.