Infinity Royale

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Infinity Royale drops you into a large battle area from a helicopter. Here, you will start your shooting war with a lot of different enemies. On this battlefield, you not only explore different terrains but also loot many useful items. Are you ready to enjoy these experiences? Don't hesitate and start this online game right now!

Guide to Safe Landing

At the start of this action game, you will not know the location where you will be released. You can only accept any position. However, usually, the game will choose an easy location for you to start the game.

Therefore, the grounding position is not so important. The most important thing right now is to land safely. There are many players who cannot pass this first challenge even though it is quite easy to conquer.

When you fall from a helicopter to the ground, you need a support tool to protect your life. In this Infinity Royale game, it is a parachute. Remember to press the Spacebar to activate it before you land.

Your Tasks In This Fighting Game

This online game is an action game, so fighting is impossible. So who to fight? How to fight? These are two frequently asked questions when coming to this Infinity Royale game. Let's start answering questions one by one!

Your Opponent In Infinity Royale

Your opponents are other players on the same map. However, your mission is not only to destroy all enemies but also to complete each individual mission. There are some outstanding missions such as Getting into Trouble, Take the Ground, Drive to the Freedom, and Conquer the Base. These tasks are clearly shown in the Campaign section.

How to Fight

Use your weapons to fight while moving and exploring the entire map. Don't forget to collect and use useful items. The most useful item is the car that helps you move faster on this vast battlefield.

Besides, to fight better, don't forget to visit the Guns section to choose good guns. You should pay attention to factors like power, recoil, range, firing speed, and capacity.

How to Control

WASD = Movement

Left-click = Shoot

Spacebar = Jump/ Activate parachute

1-2 = Change Weapon

F = Drop Weapon

Arrow keys = Drive car