Little Panda Match 4

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Little Panda Match 4 continues the adventure of the little panda with two Level and Endless modes where you will connect the same gems to score points.

Little Panda's Experience

The name of this game reflects the main character: Little Panda, a lovely panda on his amazing adventures. The Panda will travel through many different lands with valuable treasures. These lands have a lot of gems, but they require you to connect them to collect.

To connect these gems, you need to move the positions of the two gems together to create a set of 3 or more identical gems. Note that this move only allows the same horizontal or vertical gems. With these position changes, you can experience puzzles with the little panda.

Little Panda Match 4 Modes

Like previous versions, this online game will still maintain two modes including Level and Endless. These two modes have similar gameplay but their requirements will be different. Level mode will require you to complete your task in one level to progress to the next level while Endless mode will time each time you make a move. After the time bar ends and you do not create a combination of gems, the game will end. On the contrary, if you keep connecting successfully, you can play forever.