Math Duck

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Math Duck achieves the perfect combination of puzzle, timing and adventure when you control your duck to complete math operations while fighting the time limit.

Click To Join Math Duck

Immediately after accessing this online game, you will see an image of a duck trapped in an underground room. That duck really wanted to get out of this stuffy room and into the vast world. Help this poor duck by clicking the Play button and starting the official levels.

After clicking, you will see a list of levels. The number of levels is a secret as you will play from low level to high level. No player has been able to find the final level of this online game yet. So can you become the talented player who discovers that last level?

Select Level And Complete Missions

After knowing the basics of this Math Duck game, choose your level and start participating in the quests. To complete the mission, control your duck using arrow keys and collect numbers. You need to collect the right number to fill in the math above. Then, quickly run to the place where the key just appeared and open the door to escape. All your operations will need to be quick because each level has limited time.