Merge Pirates

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Merge Pirates is a match of your wits with the challenges of the game. Arrange pirate ships with the same number to merge them into more powerful ships.

Controls Of Merge Pirates

When playing this puzzle game, you just need to use the mouse to meet the following moving needs.

Rotate Tiles Of Merge Pirates

This online game will give you pirate ships in the form of hexagons. There are several ships provided at the same time at the bottom. You can rotate to change the position of these boats by tapping on them.

Sorting Boats Up Playing Field

The playing field is made up of 23 hexagons. You need to arrange the boats in these positions by dragging and dropping them onto the board. However, you cannot drop them in random locations. Instead, you need to find places to make sets of ships of the same number.

On each ship, there are different numbers. The larger the number, the stronger the ship. Every 3 or more ships of the same number that are close together make a ship 1 unit larger. In particular, ships with the number 7 will create surprises when you combine them. A big explosion will appear to clear the area around them.

Power-Ups To Support

Merge Pirates gives you 3 power-ups: cannon, bombs, and tool. Each power-up has its own use and damage.

  • Cannon helps you destroy a single ship. To activate the cannon, simply click on the cannon and then select the target ship.
  • Bomb allows you to destroy all ships with the smallest number. A bomb's damage is greater than cannon when you can destroy multiple ships at once. Bomb targets are ships with the smallest stains, so it can help you solve the problem when there are too many ships on board.
  • Instead of destroying ships, the tool power-up will help you upgrade a ship one level above. It will be very useful if you use it properly.