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MicroWars opens up intense online battles for you when you become small creatures but have the ability to increase the number of members rapidly.

How To Increase MicroWars

In this fighting game, your characters are microscopic female creatures that have the ability to auto-spawn. When you leave it idle on the play screen, its number will keep increasing until it reaches 100. 100 is the maximum number that each micro can produce. This is the first development way.

Second, you can perform invasions of neutral micro or rival micro to increase your numbers. By this method, you can increase your number of battle bases. Your limit won't be 100 anymore. Instead, it will be an endless number.

Micro's Way of Invasion

Your micro will be blue and your opponent's micro will be red. The gray micro is neutral micro. When you invade another micro, you need to make sure your numbers are larger. Only then, you will be able to attack successfully. Otherwise, you will be destroyed in reverse.

To ensure the number of micros to attack, you can combine multiple micros at once by using the mouse to connect your micro together before connecting to the opponent's micro to attack.