Moto X3M

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Moto X3M challenges you with speed and a variety of obstacles. Have you ever seen the motorcycle somersaulting through the giant iron wheels? This will appear in this driving game.

The Uniqueness of Levels Through Mini-map

All you need to do is press the spacebar to start the game after accessing it on our website. Then you will see a mini-map with a series of different levels. Take a look at this map and do you see anything special?

The levels are spread across the map from plains, and hills to rivers and sea. As a result, the terrain on each level will change significantly through each level. It's even more magical when you can experience the changing terrain on the same level. For example, you just have to imagine when you're driving your motorbike from the ground down into dark caves and then out and onto a beautiful beach. The scenery will change spectacularly and take you by surprise.

How to Control Motorcycles in Moto X3M

You need to know the control rules and control keys to keep your motorcycle and the character riding it safe. Besides, remember to unlock new skins for characters and motorbikes for a better experience.

Rules of Control in Moto X3M

Take control of your motorcycle and proceed to the checkpoints. These points will store your run. If you have an accident, you can start over at the nearest checkpoint.

During the run, remember to avoid obstacles. It is important to balance the motorcycle to avoid tipping over or a collision.

How To Control Your Moto

  • W or Up Arrow - Speed up
  • S or Down Arrow - Break
  • A and D or Left Arrow and Right Arrow - Position