Mr Mine

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Mr Mine represents the online idle gaming world in which the life of a miner will happen and you play the role of manager to manage all mining jobs.

The Goal Of Mr Mine

The goal of this idle game is simple as all players aim to drill as deep as possible and collect minerals. You can drill as deep as thousands of meters to move from the Earth world to the Moon world and end up in the Titan world. These three worlds are arranged in order and require the player to complete the previous world before accessing the new world. To achieve your goal of conquering these three worlds, you'll need to master the fundamentals.

Basic Rules of Mining

To start this Mr Mine game, you need to click on the basic minerals to mine them. After mining, you can sell them in the Sell Center. After you have enough economy, you can hire workers at the Hire Center to automate the mining process.

During these processes, your drill will continue to work to dig deeper into different geological formations. Digging deeper will bring you more valuable minerals. To increase drilling speed, you can perform drill upgrades in Craft Center using blueprints. These blueprints will require you to gather enough materials before upgrading a part for the drill.