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Powerwall adds to your entertainment world with a reaction game to watch a ball and activate the energy wall properly to prevent the ball from escaping.

Create Powerwall And Prevent The Ball

A ball will continuously move on the playing screen by colliding with the walls. Every time it collides, the ball will bounce in a different direction and no one can predict the direction of the ball's movement. Therefore, an energy wall was created to prevent the ball from escaping.

To activate the energy wall, simply click on the screen and watch this special appearance. When the ball meets this wall, the ball will continue to bounce and move in the other direction. That's why this special wall is placed at the exit to stop the ball.

Notes When Using Special Walls

When you activate the energy wall, it will only appear for a brief 1 second. Therefore, you need to time it correctly to catch the ball. Each time you successfully block, you will get one point. After 5 points, you will get new energy. This Powerwall game will not limit your time, so you can play endlessly. However, make sure not to let the ball escape!

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