Scary Wheels

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Scary Wheels depicts the process of moving an old man and his vehicle through dangerous roads. In particular, his balance is very poor with 20 types of wheels. Can you control this character and win through each level?

Scary Wheels Vehicles

This game will give you a lot of different vehicles. The number of vehicles is up to 20 with prices ranging from free to 7,000 coins. All featured vehicles are shown on the main screen of this online game. For example, you can see the first vehicle, a Wheelchair. It is the first vehicle that every player gets for free when participating in this game. An old man will sit in a wheelchair and participate in challenges.

VIP Wheels For Your Character

After earning enough coins, you can buy other vehicles from normal to VIP. Astronaut and T-66 are probably the two most prominent VIP vehicles in Scary Wheels. Astronaut is inspired by astronauts and satellites. You will put on a space suit while controlling a tank. This tank is dedicated to collecting meteorites from outer space. Besides, the T-666 vehicle is impressive to many players thanks to its unique design when you transform into a thug and drive a super cool motorcycle. Both these VIP vehicles are worth 7,000 coins.