Spongebob Run

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Spongebob Run gives you a chance to transform into Spongebob to join races to collect energy under the cheers of other characters in the Spongebob series.

If you are a fan of this popular animated game series, you will be no stranger to the image of Spongebob. A yellow sponge boy lives in a neighborhood with lots of interesting neighbors. In Spongebob Run, Spongebob will begin his journey of discovery to destroy bosses.

Running With Spongebob

Your character will automatically move forward. Therefore, you just need to take on the task of jumping, killing enemies, and collecting energy.

Jumping Across the Terrain

Spongebob Run has a quite complex terrain with lots of holes and platforms. You need to jump from platform to platform and jump through holes. In order to jump, you only need to press the SPACEBAR.

Gathering Energy Of Spongebob Run

There is a lot of energy on the map. Move to collect as much energy as possible because you can only complete a race if you collect enough energy. In addition, there are robots in Spongebob Run. You can avoid them or destroy them. In particular, after being destroyed, these opponents will leave you with a huge source of energy.

Moreover, if you have a chance to grab the pickles, don't hesitate and grab them. Pickled cucumbers help you unlock bosses in this running game to fight.

Bonuses and Achievements In Spongebob Run

On the track, you may encounter familiar characters like Patrick Star or Squidward. These characters will give you bonuses to have special powers like jumping with springs or steel hands to fight.

Besides, Spongebob Run provides a list of achievements waiting for you to conquer like knocking down an enemy, getting a gold pickle, or splitting into two.