Square Bird

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Square Bird begins a unique journey with a unique bird. Your bird with squares has the ability to create new squares to remove and overcome obstacles.

Skin Trial Of Square Bird

Coming to this entertaining game, you cannot ignore the unique costumes of this bird. Before embarking on official journeys, outfit suggestions will appear for you to choose from. Currently, clownfish, penguin, and goldfish costumes are the most popular. To try on these outfits, you have the option of watching ads. In particular, they will help you increase the amount of coins obtained in each match.

The Gameplay Of This Game

Your bird starts with a square body. When you click on the screen, your bird will increase by one square. With the increase of the square, your bird will also grow taller. This will benefit you when facing obstacles. When going through obstacles, you just need to make sure your bird is higher than that obstacle. The squares at the bottom will be removed. However, it is not important because you can create an unlimited number of squares.

When creating a square, you should also pay attention to the obstacles above. If you make too many squares and hit these obstacles, your race will be over.