Stickman Swing

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Stickman Swing takes you to the new online world of stickman while experiencing amazing jumps using hooks and swinging from platform to platform.

Stickman Swing Skins

On the main screen, you can choose a skin for your stickman character by clicking on the button with the circle symbol on the left below. After enabling this folder, you can see the skins. The special thing is that these skins do not stand still. Instead, they move in a humorous way to simulate letting you know every detail of the outfit.

Besides, only 1 default outfit is free and subsequent skins will require you to unlock by reaching new levels. For example, the next skin will be unlocked at level 10 and level 20 will give you a third skin.

Go On Journeys With Stickman

Your main character will start from a platform on the left side of the main screen. With his jumping ability, the stickman can jump high. To move forward, this online game offers you circles that are placed in random positions. You need to tap and hold for your character to create ropes and hook into these circles. Swing the rope and move forward until you reach the end of a level.