Sushi Party

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Sushi Party starts a competitive battle for survival among the snakes while helping you enjoy a huge sushi party, a signature Japanese dish.

What's in Sushi Party

On the main screen of this snake game, you can see its main features. Let's start with your name which you can fill in the name box to identify your identity. You can then change the color of your character and keep track of the achievements you can achieve while playing this online game.

Besides, it is possible to decorate your snake with unique hats by unlocking or getting free rewards. Don't forget to choose between 1P and 2P modes for the most exciting matches possible.

Entering Matches To Eat Sushi

Each match is a sushi party as you join 9 other players to form a competitive arena. All players will try to eat as much sushi as possible to increase the size of the character and become the largest snake on the map. It's time for you to conquer the whole map and lead the leaderboard. Free sushi always appears all over the map to serve your eating needs. Besides, don't forget to stay away from dangers like crashing into the edge of the playing board and crashing into other players.