Tank Defender

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Tank Defender initiates large-scale defenses to control a tank against dangerous jets. Let's join this gaming world and show your tank-controlling skills!

Tank Defender Auto Shooting

When participating in this fighting game, your main task is to protect the safety of the tank. To accomplish that goal, you need to avoid or destroy all dangers around you by moving or shooting them down. However, it will be challenging because you have a lot of enemies. The best method in this situation is to activate the auto-fire mode. This mode will make it easier for you to kill enemies faster.

Control Tank With Buttons

Besides automatic control, you can also manually navigate the tank to attack enemies. When controlling, you need to pay attention to the two most important factors: movement and attack. Move to avoid falling bombs from the planes using the WASD keys. To attack, use the mouse to aim and shoot. You can do both at the same time thanks to the developers' design of the controls.

However, do not forget to keep in mind some related factors such as the number of tanks, the number of ammo, the earned money, and the remaining time. All these elements are shown at the top of the main screen.