Time Shooter

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Time Shooter is the original version of the famous Time Shooter series where you can slow the time following your movement to shoot down all opponents. The game rapidly becomes popular in the gaming world in general and in the shooting genre in particular. After this game's success, there are new volumes, especially Time Shooter 2. In order to explain this popularity, let's start to analyze this shooting game.

The Special Of Time Shooter Gameplay

Other shooting games also provide advantages to the player. However, this time shooter game has a completely different advantage over those games. Coming to this game, you have the ability to control time that you cannot experience in reality or other online games.

When you move, the time in the game will match the real-time. However, when you stand still, the time in the game will become slower. Your opponents move slowly and the bullets also fly towards you slower. This is the key to helping you win. Players who can apply this feature can win more easily.

How To Fight And Win

Time Shooter does not give you too many rules to play and fight. This shows up on the main screen where you just have to decide to play or watch ads to unlock new weapons. It is not difficult to make a decision and the players can focus on the game more than the game with too many options.

Ways To Fight In Time Shooter

After clicking on the Play button, you will proceed to level 1. At each level, you own a gun to combat red opponents. These guys will stand in many positions to shoot down you. Your mission at this time is to avoid these bullets and eliminate them before they can hurt you.

In addition, all rules about time will be applied for all levels.

When Can You Gain Victory

When all of your enemies in Time Shooter are killed, you can win and move to the next level. Of course, new levels will be more challenging than the previous levels.

How to control: Use your mouse to aim and shoot.