Trap The Cat

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Trap The Cat opens the gaming world of 121 hexagonal bricks for you to prevent the escape of a cat. Each click will help you be close to victory!

The Way To Prevent The Cat

The main character in this online game is a black cat and your task is to stop it from running out of the playing screen.

On the main screen, you will see 121 hexagonal bricks with 11 rows and 11 columns. Initially, the cat can move on any of the bricks if the bricks have not been installed. These bricks will be light purple in color. Once installed, these bricks will become dark purple and the cat can no longer move on them. This is the principle for you to play this puzzle game. Please install the bricks quickly to prevent any movement of the cat.

The Best Direction For Trap The Cat

Because this game is a mind game, you need to use your own strategies to win. However, depending on the experience of each player, the win rate will be different. If you are a new player in this cat game, you can follow the following tip to have the right direction.

In my personal experience, the bricks should be placed 2 bricks away from the cat's position. Do not place bricks near the main character because it will have an immediate solution. Staying away will help you be the one to take the initiative for the cat's every move.