Truck Trials

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Truck Trials gives you extreme adventures with your truck to move to the destination while fending off thousands of different dangers at each level.

This game will give you the same thrills as action games. Join now to experience the feeling of truck driving!

Truck Trials Gameplay

The gameplay of this online game is simple as you just need to use the arrow keys to control your vehicle. Each arrow key has its own function.

  • The up arrow key will help you to move forward.
  • Use the down arrow key to brake.
  • Two left and right arrow keys will help you balance your car.

Use these 4 joysticks to get your car to the finish line while keeping the health bar. If your health bar drops to 0, you will have to replay that level. Challenges will always prevent you from progressing to victory with obstacles. These obstacles can be blocks, other cars, or rough terrain. They can cause your car to overturn at any time. Be careful!

Ways To Access The Game

To access this game, you just need to use your smart device and select it on our website. All your access is free and unlimited. In particular, with a large number of levels, the game can satisfy all your entertainment needs and help you become happy after hard working days.