Unblock Cube 3D

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Unblock Cube 3D challenges your disassembly with blocks that can only be moved in one direction to remove and complete a level in a limited time.

Unblock Cube 3D Gameplay

This online game will give you blocks with different amounts at each level. Each block will have an arrow indicating the unique direction of movement. When you click on that block, it will move in the direction of the arrow. Therefore, choose blocks with no obstacles ahead to move. If there are obstacles, it will be impossible to move and you will waste time.

The gameplay of the Unblock Cube 3D game will calculate a limited time for each level, so wasting time will not benefit you.

The Rewards You Will Get

For each successful block move, you will receive stars. The number of these stars will be summed up at the end of each level. In particular, you have the opportunity to increase the number of stars you get by using the wheel of fortune which can x2, x3, x4, or x5 your number of stars. When you accumulate enough stars, a treasure will be given to you with valuable rewards.

Besides, after successfully finishing each level, you will accumulate an additional score line to get closer to the chest level. Normally, after 5 levels, you will receive loot.