Vex Challenges

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Vex Challenges becomes a hot trend among fans of the Vex game series when all the challenges are combined and create 75 thrilling levels for all players.

Vex Online Challenges 2023

After a series of Vex games, version 2023 was released as a way to sum up the past journey of this series. Coming to this version, you have the opportunity to experience a series of different challenges. They do, however, have one distinguishing feature: the summation of previous sessions.

That's why this game takes place on 75 different levels. Each level is a limited-time challenge. You need to control your stickman character to pass the parkour and reach the space portal. This gameplay is quite familiar and similar to the previous versions. The biggest difference is the time limit. Because of the time constraint, the journey you need to complete is not too long.

Results Of Vex Challenges

The ultimate goal of all players is to complete the challenge and conquer all levels in this adventure game. It will be very proud if you can successfully finish all 75 levels. Besides, each level will be rated with 3 stars. Not collecting stars will not make you lose, but 3 stars are always the most valuable result for each level.

To achieve this result, do not forget to use the arrow keys to move, use the ability to jump, and cling to the walls to overcome the deadly traps. Success will come to you if you can skillfully and flexibly use all the skills of the stickman character.